Windshield Replacement


Approximately 75% of damaged windshields can be repaired instead of being replaced.

If caught in time a windshield repair can be done as long as the damage is not in the drivers line of vision and the damaged area can fit under a quarter.

If the damaged windshield is left untreated, small cracks can expand leaving the only option as a windshield replacement.

It is always advisable to have your windshield repaired quickly.  Dirt can work its way into the damaged area affecting the effectiveness and clarity of the windshield repair.

Just because you have a chip or crack in your windshield, this does not mean you will have to have a windshield replacement. Modern technology makes it possible to repair windshields that would previously needed to be replaced. Not only does this save your windshield from replacement, it would also save you money.

The cost of a windshield repair is approximately $75 whereas the cost of a windshield replacement will vary for each vehicle.

Some of the factors that play a part in the cost of a windshield replacement are:

  1. Year, make and model of vehicle.
  2. If the windshield is heated.
  3.  If the vehicle has a rain sensor
  4. If the vehicle has an automatic diming rear view mirror.

Where can you have your windshield replacement done?

  1. Automotive glass specialist.
    They specialize in windshield repair and windshield replacement along with side and rear windows.
  2. Windshield repair facility.
    These facilities only specialize in windshield repairs.
  3. New car dealers.
    Local dealers can replace your windshield with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass.
  4. Mobile glass repair and replacement services.
    Instead of going to a specific shop location the technician will go to you to perform the windshield replacement or repair.

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