Types of Auto Glass

Types of Auto Glass

There are 2 types of auto glass.

The first is called tempered glass. Your vehicles side windows and back windows are made of this type of glass.  When broken tempered glass will shatter into many small pieces.  Tempered glass is a type of glass that is stronger than normal.  Tempered glass is made by heating it and then quickly cooling it.

The second type of auto glass is called laminated glass. Laminated auto glass is made of 2 pieces of glass with a strong vinyl sandwiched in between the glass. Crash Auto Glass Inc. provides services to repair all types of auto glass. When this type of auto glass breaks it will crack until it reaches an edge.

There is also tinted glass. This glass will block out a noticeable amount of light, reduces glare and helps absorb heat.

When an auto glass repair is done on laminated glass – a drill is used to make a small hole in the first piece of glass to get to the piece of plastic and from there resign is injected to repair the damage.

When auto glass is replaced there are 2 types of urethane used. The first is a fast cure urethane.  This is an adhesive that can be used on windshield that will cure quickly and allowing the vehicle to be driven safely sooner. The second type is a basic urethane. This is an adhesive material that is used to bond a windshield to the car.

Sometimes auto glass will crack do to the glass – this is called a stress crack. A stress crack is a crack that occurs without anything hitting the windshield.  Typically this is due to a large variation in the temperature.  Stress cracks will normally be a straight line and will not have any sign of impact.

A pen test is often used to determine if there is a stress crack, by running a ball point pen along the crack and if it dips anywhere, it is not a stress crack.

After auto glass has been replaced we recommend the vehicle sit for approximately 2-3 hours.  However it can take 8-24 hours for the adhesive to fully dry. This means that in some types of collisions (rollovers or head on collisions)  the windshield could pop off.

With an auto glass repair it typically takes 20-30 minutes to repair and the vehicle can drive away immediately.

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