Hail and Wind borne Debris Damage Call for Vermont Auto Glass Repair

Hail and Wind borne debris damage call for Vermont auto glass repair, in May, a severe thunderstorm swept through western and central Vermont, pelting the region with hail and flinging various objects from the ground with strong wind. The combined onslaught left many car windows and windscreens with impact damage of varying degrees. While some vehicles were left with just minor chips on their window glass, such damage should not be ignored.

Vermont auto glass repair

When any window on a vehicle sustains some damage, it is always important to act fast to have it repaired. A vehicle’s windows flex and stretch due to things like thermal expansion and contraction, getting in and out of the car, or even the pressure of the wind pushing against it. This flexing and stretching can cause even the smallest (repairable) crack to progress into unrepairable damage that would warrant a more expensive replacement.

Repair or Replacement

The extent of the damage to the vehicle’s glass panels will dictate what kind of work will be performed to fix it. For most superficial damage that does not penetrate the plastic laminate layer, auto glass repair will be sufficient, however, certain conditions must be met.

The damage must not run over the rain sensor or interior radio antenna or into the driver’s critical viewing area, it should not be too complex or too long, and should not run to the edge of the glass. When the extent of the damage compromises the structural integrity of the glass or would significantly impair the driver’s view, then a replacement becomes the only option.

Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance packages will typically include some sort of coverage for vehicle glass damaged during a hailstorm or by wind borne debris, however, this may only apply to the side and back panels. On the other hand, some companies may provide insurance for glass repairs on all windows, but limit glass replacement to certain windows. Having said that, your mileage may vary according the specifics of your insurance package.

The state of Vermont has, as of yet, not passed any specific legislation pertaining to insurance coverage for windshield repair in Burlington, VT. When windshield replacement is required, insurers may use aftermarket or used parts and are required simply to ensure that the replacement is of “like kind and quality.”

While this should guarantee the quality of the glass used for the repair in most situations, vehicle owners would do well to be wary of used glass, which might come with hidden defects. Fortunately, Vermont insurance law allows the insurance plan holder to decide who will undertake the repair. To avoid unexpected problems, vehicle owners should work with a respected Vermont auto glass repair and replacement company, like Crash Auto Glass.

(Source: Tornado warnings expire in western, central Vermont, Burlington Free Press, May 28, 2014)

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