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Winooski is quickly becoming known as the Brooklyn of Burlington. With just over one square mile of land, Winooski packs a punch with its hip dining and drinking options. Though known to outsiders for its busy rotary, surrounded by popular restaurants and bars, Winooski is a diverse city with a rich history and plenty to do.

For over ten years, Sneakers has been my go-to for delicious breakfast. Not only is their food delicious and their waitstaff prompt and pleasant, but their menu caters to all appetites and is wallet-friendly to boot. Sneakers is bustling enough to make it suitable for kids but never feels too chaotic or loud. What’s more, even though you’re pretty much guaranteed a wait on a weekend morning, Sneakers will send you next door to Monkey House where you can grab a cup of coffee for yourself and entertain the family with board games or a round of pool while you wait for your table.

When the kids need to just play, stop by the elementary school, as their playground is fantastic. But if you’re in the mood for activities for the whole family, stroll along the Winooski River Walk and the Winooski Nature Trail. The River Walk is very family friendly and gives kids an up-close view of the falls. For a little more adventure, continue onto the Winooski Nature Trail. This scenic route takes you along the river to the falls. Just over a mile in length, it’s well-maintained and manageable for active kids. Just be aware of the steep cliffs by the gorge.

Libraries are always special places, but they are especially so when graced with enthusiastic children’s librarians. Winooski Memorial Library may be small, but the energy of the librarians makes it larger than life. And though Winooski is packed with dining and drinking options, indoor activities are somewhat limited. When caught on a dreary day, the library is the perfect place to wait out the rain.

On Sundays throughout the summer and early fall, the Winooski Farmers Marketoffers local produce and products for sale, as well as free live entertainment and activities for kids. Kids can join the POP (Power of Produce) Club for discounts and special offers, but even those who aren’t members are invited to enjoy the vegetable, farming and nutrition-related activities.

For an afternoon of fun away from the bustle of the rotary, stroll up to Landry Park. After a pleasant walk from downtown through one of Winooski’s quaint neighborhoods, you’ll stumble upon this gem – great for a picnic or quiet walk. Let the kids explore the playground, watch the skate park, take in a baseball game, swim in the pool, or play tennis. In the winter, the sledding hill gets a lot of attention, as does the outdoor skating rink.

Winooski Vermont is located in the “Burlington” region of the state, off I-89 just north of Burlington and south of Colchester.The name “Winooski” comes from the Abenaki, meaning “wild onions,” which were plentiful along the river.

In the early 1770s, Ira Allen constructed a blockhouse on the river which served as both a fort, a general store, and an office for the “Onion River Company.” The fort, “Fort Frederick” was never used for defense, but it’s presence increassed property values, which helped promote settlement to the area.

Things to Do in Winooski
There are a number of exciting things to do in Winooski. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Winooski. Discover new places to see and unique things to do nearby Winooski. Don’t miss out on these amazing sights at Winooski. Check out the list of attractions and activities to do in Winooski and nearby areas. It will help you to plan a perfect trip to Winooski. Highlights of Winooski includes – Best things to do in Winooski and nearby areas, top attractions to visit such as historical monuments, natural attractions, adventurous and entertainment activities to do, places to eat and drink. Provided with all the things to do in Winooski with address, reviews, facts, photos of travellers & more.

Can’t wait to discover Winooski by yourself? Create an itinerary for Winooski today! Ranked on popularity, here’s the complete list of best Winooski attractions and point of interests recommended by the locals.


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About Winooski

Winooski History

Winooski has a rich and fascinating history that dates back before our status as a City (obtained on March 7th, 1922)! For more information on the history of Winooski, please visit the Winooski Historical Society or the Heritage Mill Museum located within the Champlain Mill at 20 Winooski Falls Way. For more information please call 802-355-9937 to speak with the someone at the museum.

Purchase “Images of America: Winooski” by the Winooski Historical Society’s Al Blondin and Anastasia Pratt at Winooski City Hall (27 W. Allen St. Winooski VT 05404).

A copy of Dan Higgins’ “Vacancy, Art & Transformation” can also be purchased at LULU.COM


This little town located on the Winooski Falls, was once almost encapsulated by a Buckminster Fuller-inspired dome! Today, the walkable historic mill town welcomes guests year round at 15 great restaurants, bars, and breweries in a uniquely Vermont urban experience.

Visit Four Quarters Brewing Company to taste their latest creation or the Beverage Warehouse for your Heady Topper! Sample classic Italian food at Papa Franks, sit by the river at Waterworks, enjoy local cuisine at Misery Loves Company, or let the talented baristas at Scout and Company make you coffee you won’t soon forget. If it’s night life you are after, check out OAK45, Mulebar, and Monkeyhouse. Or simply sit on the patio at Mckees and pop next store to Sloane Mercantile for your vintage gear or to Birdfolk Collective for local artisan crafts.

Winooski is home to one of the most exciting music festivals Waking Windows, regular Sundayfarmers market, andWolfsgart Airout,the Northeast’s “premium quality” automotive show, airout and cruise! We also honor our history in a day long celebration, The French Heritage Festival.

The Mill Museum and Winooski Historical Society bring the rich history of Winooski to life. And while there, exit onto the riverwalk leading to the nature preserve where egrets, herons, and bald eagles entertain the fisherman.

Bring your dog to play in one of the great parks. Put your kayak in the river. Shop at for vintage clothes, crafts, and books. Or come and sit by the river and enjoy a meal. It’s all here in Winooski!

Experience urban Vermont hospitality, and learn more at Downtown Winooski.

Winooski , VT, offers a bevy of can’t-miss things to do, from attending special events, to getting involved in the arts and learning about local history; to dining at independent restaurants and staying active at area parks. Check out the following articles to get an inside look at how Winooski , VT, will keep you entertained.


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Winooski History

5000 years ago! That is when archaeological research reveals that a single family band came to what is now the City of Winooski.
Harvesting the ample butternuts that grew here, the family soon moved on, but their prehistoric campground has become one of Vermont’s most significant archaeological sites. Other native people came to Winooski in the years that followed.

Time too has moved on. But Winooski has continued to play an important role in Vermont’s history and development. In the early 1770’s Ira Allen “led a people through a wilderness of 70 miles” to construct a formidable blockhouse on the Winooski (then “Onion”) River which served both as a fort and as general store and office for the land-speculating Onion River Company. “Fort Frederick” was never used for defense, but its protective presence increased value of Onion River property and advanced local settlement.

After the Revolutionary War, Ira Allen returned to build a dam across the Winooski River with sawmills at each end. The use of the Winooski falls to generate energy had begun; it would continue into the 20th Century with the construction of water-powered mills on both sides of the river. Ira himself built a house on the present site of the Winooski Block around 1785 and enjoyed a garden which was described as “a paradise of fruits and flowers.”

The Winooski mills’ fortunes mirrored the highs and lows of American economic life and labor and eventually led to Winooski’s becoming a separate City on March 7, 1922. When the mills closed in 1954, Winooski was devastated, but the federally-funded Model Cities program, Community Development Block Grants, Urban Development Action Grants, and other public and private investment and effort enabled the City to experience a “Renaissance” in the 1980’s with the rehabilitation of deserted mill buildings and the revitalization of the City’s downtown. Two examples follow:

The Woolen Mill, a generally vacant and under-utilized former textile mill, located in the National Historical Mill District, was transformed into a vibrant combination of living and working space, including 163 apartments, and 20,000 square feet of office space. Overlooking the natural beauty of the falls on the Winooski River, and a dominant architectural feature in the downtown, this building was a key element of the downtown revitalization effort.

The Champlain Mill, also located in the heart of the district along the Winooski River, stood under-utilized for over twenty years as it passed through a series of multipurpose industrial uses. In 1981, the Champlain Mill was renovated into three floors of retail commercial space and two floors of office space. In the Champlain Mill’s 175,000 square feet, stores, restaurants and several offices have been established.

Obviously, a great deal has changed since people came to pick butternuts here 5,000 years ago!

More Information About Winooski

The name comes from the Abenaki for “wild onions”, plentiful along the river. The earliest European documentation offering a written approximation of the native word are French-made maps, which identify the river as “Ouinousqui”.

In the southeast corner of Colchester was a fine natural falls in the Winooski (then Onion or French) River (more River info here) where Ira Allen, one of the grantees of Colchester, built grain and lumber mills in about 1772. To protect their interests from marauding French and Indians, he and his cousin Remember Baker built a two-story palisaded enclosure which they called Fort Frederick. Good land nearby attracted settlers, and the community which grew up around the mills and the fort became known as Allen’s Settlement, later as Winooski Falls, then simply Winooski when it was incorporated as a civil entity separate from Colchester.

The large number of French Canadians who came to work in the textile mills in later years resulted in a portion of the city being referred to as French Village.

In the late Seventies, it was suggested that Winooski be covered with a dome as a means of saving energy, snow removal and other municpal costs. The suggestion was especially interesting to Community Development Director Mark Tigan, who vigorously investigated the possibility, making national (and apparently, worldwide) news in the process. More than one aaplication to the US Department of Energy, asking for funds to study the idea, were turned down, and the enthusiam went away. But that’s not the end of it…

In July of 2008, Virtual Vermont Internet Magazine received an inquiry from Chen Bai of Shanghai, asking for information on Winooski’s “giant umbrella.” Seems that Bai’s daughter’s 6th grade textbook contains a writeup about a clear plastic umbrella covering the city (supported by an 11-story central tube) which can be opened and closed at will. The story is apparently quite popular in mainland China. Bai sent pictures of the textbook cover and the article itself, along with a translation (all available here). The texbook even contains an artist’s concept of what Winooski looks like, complete with hot air balloons, under its umbrella (there’s no resemblance that we can discern). We provided Bai with the real story. See this article from the Burlington Free Press.

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