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Crash Auto Glass is a Vermont Family owned company that has been in business since 1988. We specialize in windshield replacement and windshield repairs for all makes and models, foreign and domestic.

We have not forgotten your other car glass needs, we also replace:

  • Black Glass
  • Side Mirrors
  • Vent Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Door Glass

Our trained professional technicians perform services for both commercial and retail clients. We provide mobile service and will come to your home or work place to repair or replace your auto glass. Even on those days when the weather will not permit us to service your auto glass outside, we have convenient locations such as St. Albans for you to take your vehicle. Our technicians do quality work quickly and carefully. They genuinely care about doing the job right the first time.

We understand that your time is very valuable; this is why it is our goal at Crash Auto Glass to make your windshield replacement or windshield repair as convenient as possible. We will direct bill all insurance companies, and make the necessary phone calls to your insurance company.

At Crash Auto Glass we take pride in our work and will warranty your windshield replacement against leaking or stress cracks for as long as you own your vehicle. We will also repair any chip that you may get in your windshield after a replacement for as long as you own the vehicle, providing the chip is not in the drivers line of vision. We always strive to be the best local company.

Here at Crash Auto Glass you will find no gimmicks, no games, and no fancy jingles. Where a handshake is still your best warranty. We are here Monday thru Friday from 7:00 – 5:00 for all your auto glass needs.

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Windshields perform an essential part in vehicles however a great deal of vehicle owners are possibly not knowledgeable about this fact. Windshields will serve as structural guard and support for the roofs of cars. On top of that, windshields will definitely safeguard drivers and the passengers as well from wind and other elements. Since they play this kind of crucial duties, they must definitely be constructed very well and there should certainly not be any room for error during the procedure of production. Makers need to ensure the top quality of the goods prior to they are planning to mount them to the motor vehicles.

Windshields perform an important part in cars however a considerable amount of drivers are not knowledgeable about this particular reality. Auto glass will provide structural protection and assistance for the roofs of cars. Simultaneously, auto glass will definitely protect car drivers and the passengers also from wind flow and other factors. Considering they perform such important duties, they must definitely be made properly and there should not be any place for mistake during the process of production. Manufacturers must definitely guarantee the top quality of the goods before they are planning to mount them to the motor vehicles.

At times, repair suffices but if the crack done is very serious, at that point, basic repair is out of question. In such scenarios, windshield replacement will be the most recommended action. Regardless of whether you will concede it or not, auto glass replacement is certainly essential if there is a crack that is smaller 3 inches. Sometimes, these cracks start as little as the tip of a pin that could be triggered by means of mechanical stress, temperature deviation and pebbles. However despite the causes behind the scratch or fracture, it is very important to act on auto glass replacements prior to it will likely be far too late. As pointed out previously, windshields are there to shelter people from any kind of item flying through the air. As a result, waiting for too long to replace defective windshields could in reality come to be a troublesome element of the auto.

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About Swanton Vermont

The Town of Swanton is one of the most attractive communities in Vermont.  It is located in the northwestern corner of the state bordering Lake Champlain on its west and Quebec Province in Canada on its north.  Interstate 89, Vermont Route 78, and U.S. Route 7 are the major transportation routes through the town.  These routes meet in the village center to form a foundation for the town’s vibrant commercial hub, which is made up of a mixture of family-owned businesses, national stores, and a variety of residential housing types, as well as the municipal offices, village police & fire departments, and the Swanton Elementary School.  Numerous industries surround the Village Center and the outlying areas of town are residential and agricultural in nature. The scenic Missisquoi River meanders through Swanton and over the Village Dam before flowing gently into Lake Champlain via the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. The river and lake are important segments of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail that stretches from northcentral New York to the far reaches of northern Maine.

The earliest inhabitants of this region dating back about 10,000 years were the Abenaki whose tribal headquarters and museum are located in Swanton.  The town was chartered on August 17, 1763 by New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth when this territory was claimed as part of that state.  Swanton’s rich history can be explored at the Swanton Historical Museum.

The Town of Swanton is a separate governmental entity from the Village of Swanton which was chartered within the Town in 1888. The Village has a fire department and a police department. It also operates an electric department and provides water and sewer services to the Village as well as part of the Town.  A link to the Village website is located down below on the right.  Links to the different Village departments can be found by clicking the USEFUL LINKS button at the bottom of the lower left column on this page.

Today, approximately 6,500 people make the Town of Swanton (including the Village area) their home.  It is a safe, healthy, pleasant place in which to live and work and an exciting place to visit.  

We hope you enjoyed your stay here & will visit again. Merci beaucoup. Revenez!

Swanton History

It has become popular to ascribe New England place names to English sources, and Swanton is no exception. Some writers have suggested that the Vermont town is named for Swanton, Kent, and some enthusiasts have gone on to say that the name means “a swan’s town”. Queen Elizabeth II did send a pair of Royal swans to Vermont’s Swanton in honor of the bicentennial of the town’s granting, but the fact is that the Kentish name actually derives from “town of the swineherds”.

The source of the name can more likely be found in William Swanton, a British naval officer who commanded a squadron at the time of the capture of Louisbourg in 1760; it was his timely arrival that dealt the final coup de grâce to the already almost overwhelmed French fleet. After the war, Swanton (then a captain) retired from the navy and settled in Bath, Maine, where he established a shipyard that was already famous for its custom-built ships when Benning Wentworth named this town in 1763.

Swanton is one of the few places in Vermont where Natives are known to have had a permanent settlement. From about 1700 to 1758, the important Abnaki village of Missisiasuk was on the Missisquoi River. The village’s name, meaning “people of the great grassy meadows”, helps to bear out the translation of Missiquoi itself as “great grassy meadows”. The Abnaki name for the mouth of the river was Maskwenozakek, literally “the place where muskelunge abound”, which would have been a good enough reason in itself for establishing a village nearby.

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