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We are a professional auto glass shop servicing all makes and models. Locally owned and operated since 1988!

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Crash Auto Glass is a Vermont Family owned company that has been in business since 1988. We specialize in windshield replacement and windshield repairs for all makes and models, foreign and domestic.

We have not forgotten your other car glass needs, we also replace:

  • Black Glass
  • Side Mirrors
  • Vent Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Door Glass

Our trained professional technicians perform services for both commercial and retail clients. We provide mobile service and will come to your home or work place to repair or replace your auto glass. Even on those days when the weather will not permit us to service your auto glass outside, we have convenient locations such as Newport for you to take your vehicle. Our technicians do quality work quickly and carefully. They genuinely care about doing the job right the first time.

We understand that your time is very valuable; this is why it is our goal at Crash Auto Glass to make your windshield replacement or windshield repair as convenient as possible. We will direct bill all insurance companies, and make the necessary phone calls to your insurance company.

At Crash Auto Glass we take pride in our work and will warranty your windshield replacement against leaking or stress cracks for as long as you own your vehicle. We will also repair any chip that you may get in your windshield after a replacement for as long as you own the vehicle, providing the chip is not in the drivers line of vision. We always strive to be the best local company.

Here at Crash Auto Glass you will find no gimmicks, no games, and no fancy jingles. Where a handshake is still your best warranty. We are here Monday thru Friday from 7:00 – 5:00 for all your auto glass needs.

Auto Glass Shop Newport Vermont

Auto glass perform a vital part in cars but a good deal of vehicle owners are just not knowledgeable about this particular truth. Windshields are going to serve as structural shield and assistance for the roofs of vehicles. Simultaneously, windshields will certainly safeguard car drivers and the passengers as well from wind and other elements. Because they perform this kind of crucial duties, they must definitely be designed properly and there should not be any kind of room for error during the procedure of manufacturing. Makers need to certify the top quality of the goods before they are going to mount them to the autos.

Nobody wants to deal with a broken or damaged windshield.It is generally a simple fact that vehicle windshields tend to crack or shatter then afterwards need replacing as well as repair. This takes place for numerous reasons. As an example, a chip of tiny rocks could hit the auto glass when the vehicle is driving. Mishaps can certainly cause the auto glass to break altogether. Harsh below freezing temperature conditions are additionally often the cause. Often times, vehicle windshields from eventually being casualties of acts of vandalism or thoughtless driving of other folks. The issue is that the auto glass of vehicles are constructed from tempered glass, glass, yet it is nevertheless susceptible to damages.

Chips and smaller fractures, up to the size of a dollar bill, are prime nominees for auto glass replacement. replacement jobs can be performed rapidly and the majority of service providers these days offer traveling repair work units which can come to take care of the problem without any disturbing your schedule. The repair service is carried out by means of injecting a particular epoxy into the crack or chip. This glue is developed to be both sturdy and transparent to ensure once it dries and if buffed it is virtually difficult to see exactly where the damages had once been. The structural integrity of your auto glass is never endangered by a repair carried out properly using high quality products.
Windshield repair jobs are possibly considerably more complex and this is probably the reason that so many insurance and windshield service companies recommend drivers to get problems repaired quickly. The complete process for an auto glass replacement unit could in reality require to a seven days since the auto glass normally will need to be ordered in prior to services could even start.

Sometimes, repair service is good enough however if the break done is pretty major, then, basic repair is out of question. In this sort of instances, windshield replacement will be the best choice. Regardless of whether people will admit it or not, windshield replacement is definitely needed if there is a break that is smaller 3 inches. At times, these kinds of cracks begin as little as the tip of a pin which can be created by means of mechanical stress, temp deviation and pebbles. Yet regardless of the causes responsible for the scratch or fracture, it is very important to act on auto glass replacements before it will certainly be too late. As mentioned previously, windshields are there to shelter people from any item traveling on the air. As a result, waiting on too much time to repair defective auto glass may in reality end up being a problematic element of the vehicle.

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About Newport

Small by “city” standards, Newport, Vermont is big on personality with a generous, kind touch. While you’ll be blown away by the natural beauty that surrounds Newport – from rich mountain views to stunning sunsets on the lake, you’ll be even more taken with the folks that call Newport home. From shopkeepers to restaurant and cafe owners just about everyone you meet will go out of their way to make your stay in Newport special. And if you take the time, you’ll find lots of interesting a colorful stories to share about how the ended up in Newport and, more importantly, why they stayed.  Get details on Newport’s shopping district HERE.

And small doesn’t mean lacking – the city and surrounding offers golf, hiking, biking, and of course, access to the “beautiful waters” of Lake Memphremagog where you can fish, swim, water ski, and kayak in the summer or go snowmobiling, ice fishing and x-country skiing in the winter.  Get more information on Newport adventuring, HERE.

We also have lots of good information for residents who already know Newport’s advantages and are looking to sign up for a local program, check out upcoming events, or search for employment opportunities. Click here for videos promoting Newport, Vermont

Meander through the site to get an idea of what Newport has to offer.  We promise, you’ll be impressed.

Newport History

Founded, officially, in 1793, the city of Newport, Vermont (incorporated as a city in 1918) sits on the east shore of Lake Memphremagog – a 27-mile long lake that straddles the US and Canadian border. The city has a long and colorful history informed by it’s unique location on the lake and early introduction of the railway.

Early businesses in Newport centered around the lumber industry and of course the lake itself. Many original, historic buildings are still standing in the main downtown area  (including the Goodrich Memorial Library and the current federal courthouse) and are still in use as shops, restaurants and municipal buildings.

Today the city of Newport is a charming tourist town including specialty shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, is home to thriving local businesses, like Poulin Grain, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful farms in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Newport, VT

Living in the Northeast Kingdom isn’t easy but it does have its pluses. The glory days of the huge hotels and tour boats on Lake Memphremagog are long gone. As late as the 1970’s, Newport was a bustling town with at least a half dozen famous named department stores on Main Street alone. The railroad was one of the best paying jobs in the region and manufacturing offered livable wages to families in the area. Unfortunately, many of these jobs and industries vanished in the early 1980’s resulting in Newport becoming a “sleepy little town with a beautiful lake”. Even the traditionally popular Spring fishing season became extinct over the years.

Yet, Lake Memphremagog remains one of Vermont’s most beautiful lakes and is breathtaking on a sunny day. A new lighthouse mock-up now stands near the former Newport railroad station, as a beacon of hope for the future. There are high hopes that with the recent expansion of nearby Jay Peak, new jobs and a new vitality will return to the Northeast Kingdom, particularly the Newport area. It would be well deserved for a region that has so much to offer.

More information about Newport:

Newport Official Website

Lake Memphremagog

Newport Bike Path

Northern Star Lake Cruises

Google map of Newport VT:

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