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We are a local, family owned auto glass shop providing professional and friendly services since 1988.

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Crash Auto Glass is a Vermont Family owned company that has been in business since 1988. We specialize in windshield replacement and windshield repairs for all makes and models, foreign and domestic.

We have not forgotten your other car glass needs, we also replace:

  • Black Glass
  • Side Mirrors
  • Vent Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Door Glass

Our trained professional technicians perform services for both commercial and retail clients. We provide mobile service and will come to your home or work place to repair or replace your auto glass. Even on those days when the weather will not permit us to service your auto glass outside, we have convenient locations such as Belvidere for you to take your vehicle. Our technicians do quality work quickly and carefully. They genuinely care about doing the job right the first time.

We understand that your time is very valuable; this is why it is our goal at Crash Auto Glass to make your windshield replacement or windshield repair as convenient as possible. We will direct bill all insurance companies, and make the necessary phone calls to your insurance company.

At Crash Auto Glass we take pride in our work and will warranty your windshield replacement against leaking or stress cracks for as long as you own your vehicle. We will also repair any chip that you may get in your windshield after a replacement for as long as you own the vehicle, providing the chip is not in the drivers line of vision. We always strive to be the best local company.

Here at Crash Auto Glass you will find no gimmicks, no games, and no fancy jingles. Where a handshake is still your best warranty. We are here Monday thru Friday from 7:00 – 5:00 for all your auto glass needs.

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Windshields perform a vital part in motor vehicles but a lot of vehicle owners are possibly not aware of this particular truth. Auto glass will function as structural shield and support for the roofs of cars. Simultaneously, auto glass will shield drivers and the passengers as well from wind flow and other elements. Since they perform this type of essential duties, they must definitely be built very well and there must not be any room for error throughout the procedure of production. Manufacturers need to guarantee the high quality of the goods before they are going to install them to the motor vehicles.

Nobody likes to think about a cracked or wrecked windshield.It is a simple fact that car windshields tend to chip or break then afterwards need replacement and repair. This occurs for a number of good reasons. For instance, a piece of gravel may ding the auto glass while the car is driving. Flukes may obviously create the auto glass to crack entirely. Extreme freezing weather conditions are additionally often the culprit. Many times, vehicle windshields from becoming casualties of acts of criminal damage or thoughtless motoring of other folks. The point is that the auto glass of automobiles are made of tempered glass, glass, however it is still vulnerable to harm.

Chips and small cracks, as much as the dimensions of a dollar, are simply primary prospects for auto glass repair work. replacement jobs may be finished quickly and nearly all service providers these days offer traveling repair units which will come to take care of the problem without any disturbing your schedule. The repair is accomplished by simply inserting a particular epoxy into the split or chip. This glue is made to be both durable and clear in order that once it dries and when buffed it is without a doubt virtually difficult to see the place the damage had once been. The structural integrity of your auto glass is never endangered by a repair service performed professionally using high quality materials.
Auto glass repair jobs are actually notably more complex and this is the reason why so many insurance and auto glass firms urge vehicle drivers to get troubles repaired rapidly. The entire procedure for a windshield replacement unit can actually take up to a week because the windshield normally will need to be ordered in ahead of services can even commence.

Sometimes, repair service suffices however if the break done is pretty major, then, easy repair service is generally out of question. In such situations, auto glass replacement will be the absolute best choice. anyone will admit it or not, auto glass replacement is certainly required if there is a break that is smaller 3 inches. At times, these splits start out as little as the tip of a pin that may be caused simply by mechanical stress, temperature deviation and rocks. But despite the reasons responsible for the scratch or crack, it is simply essential to act on windshield replacements prior to it will likely be too late. As mentioned earlier, auto glass exist to shield you from any object traveling on the air. For that reason, waiting on too long to replace defective auto glass could in reality come to be an aggravating element of the automobile.

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Belvidere History

BELVIDERE VERMONT, a very mountainous, pentagonal shaped town, located in the northwestern corner of the county, in 44° 47′ north latitude, and in longitude 4° 19′ east from Washington, is bounded north by Avery’s Gore, and Montgomery, in Franklin county, east by Eden, south by Johnson and Waterville, and west by Waterville. It was granted to a Mr. John Kelley, of New York city, March 5, 1787, and chartered by Vermont, November 14, 1791, by the name of Belvidere. The town originally contained an area of 30,100 acres, but was shorn of its limits November 15, 1824, when a portion of its territory was taken towards forming the town of Waterville, and again, October 30, 1828, 13,440 acres were annexed to Eden so that Belvidere now has an area of less than 20,000 acres.

In surface, the town is extremely broken and irregular, some of the mountains attaining an elevation of from 2,000 to 3,000 feet, so that for agricultural purposes it is of little value, though there are some good farms found along the streams, where the soil is principally a clay loam. To compensate for this deficiency, however, Belvidere has, aside from a variety of wild and picturesque scenery, many thousand feet of valuable timber standing in her forests. The manufacture of this timber into lumber, and into manufactured articles, butter tubs, sap buckets, etc., constitutes the principal occupation of the inhabitants, and is the source of the principal exports of the town. The higher peaks and ridges of the territory are covered with immense quantities of spruce and hemlock, while the lower portions abound with maple, white and yellow birch, etc. The maple yields an excellent quality of sugar, many thousand pounds of which find their way to market annually. North Branch. flows through the center of the town, from east to west, affording many excellent mill-sites, several of which are utilized. This stream forms the water-course of the town, and into it flow the waters of Rattling, Basin, Mill, and several other brooks. All of the streams are noticeable for their clear, cold water, and are quite plentifully supplied with trout.

The geological structure of the town is composed of rocks principally of the talcose schist and gneiss formations. The former underlies the western half, and the latter the eastern half of the township. The large bed of schist is cut in several places by beds of steatite, or soapstone, many deposits of which bid fair to develop into quarries of value. Gold in alluvium is said to have been discovered in the extreme western portion of the town, though in very small quantities. A bed of saccharoid azoic limestone also exists, near the line of Bakersfield. Iron and led ores, too, have been discovered in limited quantities, yet sufficient to warrant the belief that mines of considerable value might be developed. Current tradition has it that an Indian at one time took one of the first settlers with him upon Belvidere mountain, and there cut from a ledge a chunk of very pure led ore, which he afterwards run into bullets. There were indications from the cuts in the ledge, so it is said, that there were large quantities of lead, and that the Indian had frequently been there before to procure it. The settler thought to mark the place with his eye, and his route back, so as to return, but the wily savage crossed and re-crossed his steps so many times on their return, that the man lost all traces of the spot containing the treasure, and was never able to find the place afterwards.

In 1882, Belvidere had a population of 400, was divided into five school districts, and contained five common schools, employing nine female teachers at an aggregate salary of $430.10. There were 509 pupils attending common school, while the entire cost of the schools for the year, ending October 31st, was $466.10, with R. D. Whittemore school superintendent.

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