St. Albans Town was chartered on August 17, 1763, and one of only two towns to which Benning Wentworth gave a “saint” name, the other being St. George, and the two were granted on successive days. The town of St. Albans and the city of St. Albans were separated in 1902. References to “St. Albans” prior to this date generally refer to the town center, which now belongs to the city.
The northernmost engagement of the Civil War, known as the St. Albans Raid, occurred here on October 19, 1864. On Oct. 19, 1864, about 25 Confederate soldiers based in Canada raided the town of St. Albans, Vermont, killed one man, robbed three banks, and then retreated to Canadian territory.
St. Albans District manifest records of aliens arriving from foreign contiguous territory : arrivals at Canadian border ports from January 1895 to June 30, 1954, are online at FamilySearch . A centennial history of St. Albans, Vermont, organized July 28th, 1788

Downtown St. Albans is known for its heritage and momentous events of the past, such as its railroad history, the famous St. Albans Raid, and historic Taylor Park. But it is also becoming known for a 21st Century rebirth of prosperity and activity, from its revived streetscape and welcoming sense of place, to fine specialty shops and award-winning restaurants, to the rising star of the downtown brewery. In summer and fall, the farmers market boasts fresh produce, specialty foods and fine handcrafted goods. St. Albans’ close proximity to Lake Champlain provides for boating, hiking and biking opportunities with spectacular views, especially during the fall foliage.
Historic buildings on Main and Church Streets grace Taylor Park, one of Vermont’s largest downtown greens, where community events are held throughout the year. In the spring, visitors can experience 40 years of tradition and fun at the Vermont Maple Festival. Come summertime, local bands and artists step up to perform in the gazebo. The St. Albans Raid, the Age of Rail, and more can be explored at the St. Albans Historical Museum.
Whether downtown St. Albans is your destination or just a stop along the way as you explore the farms and rural centers of Franklin County, you can be sure to find something worthwhile around every corner.
For more information, visit St. Albans for the Future or call (802) 524-1500.

Station Building (with waiting room)
40 Federal Street
St Albans, VT 05478
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(0.1 mile): Fine and fun dining on Federal Street and Main Street
(0.1 mile): Beautiful Taylor Park on Main Street
(0.2 mile): St. Albans Museum
(0.3 mile): 14th Star Brewing Co.
(1.0 mile): Hard’Ack and Aldis Hill bike and hiking trails, located just off Congress Street near Route 105
(1.0 mile): Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail
(0.4 mile) walk or bike to Back Inn Time bed and breakfast or arrange a ride: (802) 527-5116
(0.1 mile) walk, bike, or take a shuttle to Hampton Inn on Lake St. – COMING IN APRIL 2017

Local Transportation:
(0.1 mile) walk to Downtown St. Albans dining, shops and services. Information at DowntownSaintAlbans.com
St. Albans Taxi: 802-524-2712, Rick’s Taxi: 802-370-1442, additional taxi services are also available
For public bus service, take the St. Albans Downtown Shuttle


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