Belvidere is a very mountainous, pentagonal shaped town, located in the northwestern corner of the county.Belvidere, Vermont is a town in Lamoille County. Belvidere contains the locations Belvidere Center, Belvidere Corners and Belvidere Junction. In 1963, part of Averys Gore in Franklin County became part of  Belvidere, while the other part became part of  Montgomery, Vermont.

Belvidere is located in the northeastern section of  Lamoille County. It is bordered by Johnson on the south, Eden on the east and Waterville on the west. The town has a planning commission and has a town plan. It has no zoning or subdivision regulations. Two state highways run through the Town of Belvidere. VT Route 109 bisects the town and serves as the major route connecting Belvidere to Eden and Route 100 to the northeast and Waterville to the west. VT Route 118 is a smaller road, but still a significant east/west roadway carrying traffic and goods across the town. The main village center is located on Route 109.

One of several Vermont parcels granted to New York City lawyer John Kelly, spelled Belvedere in the grant. Kelly was a land speculator on a grand scale, but more popular than many of his New York counterparts. After the Revolution, he worked closely with William Johnson (for whom the neighboring town of Johnson is named) in the effort to get Vermont admitted to the Union.

Kelly, being quite Irish, is believed to have named this town for Lake Belvedere, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Ireland. The word itself is a translation from Italian for “beautiful view”; in Kelly’s time, as now, the word was also a common noun for a small or open summer house from which to enjoy the scenery.

Belvidere Mountain is located in the northern portion of the Green Mountains of Vermont. Situated in a less traveled part of the Green Mountain State, a hike to the summit assures a quiet and peaceful outing, in any time of season. This section of the Green Mountains is the least visited out of the 270 mile Long Trail that runs its’ length. The Long Trail is the most common route to the top, the mountain can also be ascended via the Forester’s Trail that starts near the Asbestos Mines. Belvidere Mountain is prominent making the summit more rewarding. The Mountains’ higher neighbors are Jay Peak 10.5 miles to the north and Sterling Mountain16 miles to the south.

The Christian Church of Belvidere
The first preaching in the town was in 1810, when Elder Morris, of Hardwick, preached a sermon in the barn of Timothy Carpenter. After the war of 1812, meetings were held under the auspices of Elders Newland, of Hyde Park, and R. Dodge, of Stowe. The meetings resulted in the organization of a church of the Christian denomination, with the following list of members : Ebenezer Williams, Jerry Hodgkin, Chester Chaffee, Eliphalet Carpenter, Jesse C. Holmes, Joseph Perham, Fanny Hodgkin, and Nancy Russell. In 1851, a neat and substantial church was erected at Belvidere village, where the society now meets, presided over by Rev. R. D. Whittemore.


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